Learn about Gary's Policies

Job Creation

For nearly 30 years, Ohio has had failed leadership in the Statehouse. Ohio lags behind the entire country for job growth and economic opportunity. Gary will ensure Ohio focuses on creating jobs in the state and across Fulton and Western Lucas County. 

Opioid Deaths


Sadly hundreds of people die every week across Ohio because of a drug overdose. As an advocate for children during court proceedings, Gary sees every day the impact drugs can have on families and the local community. Gary will fight to bring an end to the epidemic and save lives.

Strengthen Local Governments

Current State leaders have robbed you of your tax dollars. Instead of using your hard earned dollars to help support local communities, they are taking your money and keeping it for themselves. This is wrong. Gary will make sure every penny you pay in taxes to the state is used to strengthen your community. 


 For decades, the only solutions proposed to improve education are to increase competition, standardized metrics, and reporting, while reducing funding. This has led certain individuals to gain at the expense of our students while our education system falls behind other states. A product of public education, Gary, knows firsthand the returns the right investments in our students can bring.  



While Ohio’s bridges are rated among the best in the nation, the rest of our infrastructure has been left to waste. Gary knows that our jobs and commodities rely on safe, reliable, and connected road, rail, water, and air infrastructure networks. 


The Statehouse has done little to support the renewable energy industries that call Northwest Ohio home. The legislature’s misguided attempt to support the status quo not only hurts local job creation, it puts Ohio further behind when it comes to creating the energy we will rely on in the decades to come. Gary will be a champion of tomorrow’s energy. 

Endorsements and Recognation

Gary is proud to have been officially endorsed and recognized by the following:

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate 

Ohio Association of Public School Employees [OAPSE/AFSCME Local 4, AFL-CIO]

AFSCME Local 8

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen Ohio State Legislative Board

Ohio Federation of Teachers

Ohio Civil Service Employee Association

Toledo Federation of Teachers

UA Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50

United Auto Workers, Union 2-B

Greater Northwest Ohio AFL-CIO

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 20

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18